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Wawel Royal Castle
State Art Collection

31-001 Kraków, Wawel 5

(+48 12) 422-51-55, 422-61-21

Tourist Information:
(+48 12) 422 51 55
ext. 219

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422 16 97

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ext. 380, 341

Models and casts


The first models of Wawel castle were made at the beginning of the 20th c. They presented existing buildings as well as development concepts. The only model from that time is that of the Rotunda of the Blessed Virgin Mary (St. Felix and Adauctus) in Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz’s reconstruction (scale 1:25). After the Second World War several models of the whole hill were produced in the Architecture Department of the Restoration of Wawel Royal Castle, which showed the development of Wawel from Romanesque to present times. The collection includes a model presenting the buildings on the hill in the 13th c. (scale 1:400), another one at the end of the 18th c (1:200), and a model of the proposed development of the hill after the Second World War according to A. Majewski’s design (1:200). The collection also includes models of particular buildings, e.g. the Romanesque cathedral (1:100), St. Gereon’s church (1:100), the Gothic cathedral (1:100) and the psalmists’  building (1:100). Models of Renaissance stoves (scale 1:5) constitute a separate group.
Zoom in - Wawel Hill model.
Wawel Hill model.

WAWEL HILL MODEL. Kraków, designed by the Architecture Department of the Restoration of Wawel Royal Castle; made by Ireneusz Pudełko and Marian Łuba, 1978-1984. Wood, plaster base, lead sheet. Dimensions: 90 x 171 x 272 cm. The model presents the buildings on Wawel Hill at the end of the 18th c.


A collection of plaster casts of architectural and sculptural elements from the Royal Castle and Wawel Cathedral. The oldest and the most valuable casts are those of decorations from the inside of the Sigismund Chapel – panels of  shield walls, pilasters and capitals; sculpted heads from the ceiling in the Envoys’ Hall; the Jagiellon’s coats of arms, and busts of kings from their tombs in the cathedral. There are also casts of Romanesque elements, a plaited plate and a fragment of the threshold with a representation of a gryphon in the cathedral, and the capital of a column in St. Gereon’s church.
Zoom in - Plaster Cast of a pilaster panel from the Sigismund Chapel.
Plaster Cast of a pilaster panel from the Sigismund Chapel.
PLASTER CAST OF A PILASTER PANEL FROM THE SIGISMUND CHAPEL. Kraków, casting works of the Technology and Industry Museum in Kraków, c. 1870. Made during courses run by Adrian Baraniecki, donated to Wawel by the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. The original, decorated with a weapon composition, flanks the entrance niche of the Sigismund Chapel.

Beata Kwiatkowska-Kopka