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Wawel Royal Castle - HOME

Wawel Royal Castle
State Art Collection

31-001 Kraków, Wawel 5

(+48 12) 422-51-55, 422-61-21

Tourist Information:
(+48 12) 422 51 55
ext. 219

Reservations and Guide Service:
(+48 12)
422 16 97

Press contact:
(+48 12) 422 51 55
ext. 380, 341

Exhibition and Conference Centre

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Exhibition and Conference Centre
General information
This building, which houses the Exhibition and Conference Centre at Wawel Royal Castle, was erected in the second half of the 19th century following a design by the Cracovian architect Feliks Księżarski. From World War II until 1991 it housed formal apartments of the Cabinet Offices and then of the President of Poland.
Central location, convenient transport, restaurants on the ground floor, a spacious and  practical interior décor, and the opportunity to use various features arising from unique character of the place, are basic aspects of the complex.
A union of tradition and modernity, extensive conference facilities, and qualified and experienced staff are qualities that assure the success of any undertaking organized here.
We specialise in the organization of conferences, seminars, workshops and presentations. Many Polish and international organisations have taken advantage of our experience. We have entertained  many distinguished figures from the world of politics, culture and business.

Choosing the Conference Centre at Wawel Royal Castle assures prestige and the success of any event.



room no.
number of seats
and characteristic of use
   95 theatre arrangement
   50 conference arrangement
   34 classroom arrangement
   20 theatre arrangement
   12 conference arrangement
   12 classroom arrangement
     8 close-circle atmosphere in stylishly furnished interior
 2 + 3    120 theatre arrangement
 250 banquet arrangement
 590 includes 250 m2 of wall surface


ECC data

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1. Types of sound system:

  • room sound system,
  • table microphone system,
  • simultaneous interpreting system.


2. Equipment for visual presentation:

  • slide projector,
  • overhead projector,
  • multimedia projector,
  • projection screens,
  • VCR set,
  • flipcharts,
  • laser pointer,
  • fully equipped office (Xerox machine, telephone, fax),
  • computer stand with internet access.


  • comprehensive organisation of conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and press conferences
  • organisation of galas and banquets
  • cultural and artistic programmes
  • tourism service
  • catering
Wawel Castle reserves the right to refuse the rental of the Conference Centre
in view of the character of Wawel Hill and the statutory activity of the Museum.


ECC info


Wawel Royal Castle
Exhibition and Conference Centre
31-001 Kraków, Wawel 9
Phone/fax : (+48 12) 421 73 26, phone. (+48 12) 422 51 55 ext. 388
E-mail: zamek@wawel.org.pl


Room 1.
Room 1
Room 2.
Room 3.
Room 3.
Room 4.

Room 4.
Room 5.


The Jubilee Concert
Concert commemorating the return of Wawel to the Polish nation

9 July 2005
Ignacy Jan Paderewski –  piano concerto in a minor
Soloist: Piotr Paleczny
Anton Bruckner – Te Deum
Soloists: Iwona Hossa (soprano), Anna Lubańska (mezzo-soprano), Adam Zdunikowski (tenor), Piotr Nowacki (bass)
Conductor: Stanisław Skrowaczewski
Performers: The Katowice Polish Radio National Symphonic Orchestra
The Cracow Polish Radio Choir
The Cracow Philharmonic Hall Choir
Choir masters: Włodzimierz Siedlik, Jacek Mentel
Concert under the honorary patronage of Waldemar Dąbrowski, the Minister of Culture
phot. R. Kwiatek
Zoom in - Dress rehearsal
Dress rehearsal
Zoom in - The Jubilee Concert
The Jubilee Concert
Zoom in - The Jubilee Concert
The Jubilee Concert

The Great Lady (“Wielka Pani”)

Musical and poetic performance based on John Paul II’s texts

10 September 2005

The concert included early poems by Karol Wojtyła and one of his last works ‘The Roman Triptych’ in a masterly performance by actors Anna Seniuk, Joanna Szczepkowska, Krzysztof Kolberger and Jerzy Trela, with music by Janusz Strobel.

Concert under the honorary patronage of Waldemar Dąbrowski, the Minister of Culture

photo Jan Łakomski (Photo Studio Łakomscy, Sosnowiec)
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Anna Maria Jopek
11 September 2005

phot. Jan Lakomski (Photo Studio Lakomsccy, Sosnowiec)

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The Concert for Piotr. S

A concert commemorating Piotr Skrzynecki’s birthday –Cellar under the sign of the Rams (Piwnica pod Baranami)
12 September 2005
For the ninth time, as always on the artist’s birthday, on 12 September, a concert entitled ‘For Piotr S.’ took place, an evening commemorating Piotr Skrzynecki, the creator of the ‘Piwnica pod Baranami’ cabaret, who was its inspiration for over forty years.
And as always, in a unique ambience, we were treated to old songs from ‘Piwnica’ and also new ones, especially prepared for that evening.

photo Jan Łakomski (Photo Studio Łakomscy, Sosnowiec)

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Open-air performance
Direction: Laco Adamik
Musical direction: Andrzej Straszyński
Set: Barbara Kędzierska
The Cracow Opera House Choir conductor: Ewa Bator
The Cracow K. Szymanowski Philharmonic Hall Boys Choir conductor: Lidia Matynian-Hałoń
phot. R. Kwiatek
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