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Wawel Royal Castle
State Art Collection

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Publications in English

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The Renaissance Wawel. Building the Royal Residence
Andrzej Fischinger, Marcin Fabiański
English, softcover, 22.5 x 26.5 cm, 276 pp., 65 illustrations; 70 PLN.

Focusing on the building works between 1504 and 1548, the book relates the history of the construction of the Renaissance castle on Wawel Hill, one of the grandest Italianate residences in Central Europe. Drawing extensively on archival sources from account ledgers to chronicles, diplomatic correspondence and even poetry, the work situates the Wawel Castle within the historical, cultural, and architectural landscape of Renaissance Europe. This volume, a much-expanded edition of the earlier Polish-language publication constitutes an important contribution to the scholarly Anglophone literature on the Wawel Royal Castle.

The publication includes a comparative timeline of historical events in Krakow and Europe, a glossary of Polish court offices with the names of officials and their dates of office, and indexes of names and places. Plans showing the different stages of construction, architectural drawings, historic prints and contemporary photographs of the Wawel Castle round out the volume.
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Christ Blessing the Children by Lucas Cranach the Elder in the Collection of the Wawel Royal Castle: Study and Conservation
Ewa Wiłkojć
This interdisciplinary monograph on the panel painting Christ Blessing the Children by Lucas Cranach the Elder documents a nearly decade-long study and conservation program. Acquired by the Castle in 1928, the panel shared the fate of so many works of art in European collections during World War II. Looted by the Nazis, it was restituted in 1947, and finally returned to the Wawel Castle in 1968. In the 1970s conservation treatment was attempted but never completed. No further attempts were made until 2004. When standard analytical techniques, such as IR and UV photography and x-radiography, among others, did not yield sufficient data to proceed with the conservation, the painting was examined with ultrasound, three-dimensional laser scanning, microscopic fluorescence, thermography, and computer analysis. The book situates the Wawel panel in the context of Cranach’s oeuvre, with emphasis on the iconographic subject of Christ and the children. The volume also addresses the history of the Wawel picture.
  • 2012; bilingual Polish/English; softcover, 26 x 28 cm; 216 pp.; ill.: 142; ISBN 978-83-61-866-25-1
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Paintings from the Lanckoroński Collection from the 14th to the 16th Centuries in the Collections of the Wawel Royal Castle
Maria Skubiszewska, Kazimierz Kuczman
This collection catalogue features eighty-seven Italian Renaissance paintings given to the Wawel Royal Castle by Countess Karolina Lanckorońska in 1994 and 2000. These pictures were once part of the splendid collection of Count Karol Lanckoroński in Vienna. Presumed lost during World War II, the core of the collection was saved through the prodigious efforts of his children. After the fall of communism Karolina, the count’s last surviving heir, brought the collection out of hiding and divided it between the Royal Castles in Krakow and Warsaw. The extensive introductory essay recounts the often dramatic history of the Lanckoroński collection. Attributions were established in consultation with internationally renowned scholars of Italian Renaissance painting. Also available in Italian translation.
  • English edition: 2010; hard- or softcover, 23 x 27 cm; 326 pp.; ill.: 88 color, 19 black/white; ISBN: 83-88476-78-5 (hardcover); 978-83-88476-76-1 (softcover).
  • Italian edition: 2011; softcover, 23 x 27 cm; 334 pp.; ill.: 88 color, 19 black/white; ISBN: 978-83-88476-77-8.
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Dutch Painting in the Collection of the Wawel Royal Castle
Joanna Winiewicz-Wolska
This scholarly catalogue presents nearly one hundred Dutch paintings in the Castle’s collection with insightful, in-depth commentary. Analysis and comparative study in The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Brussels led the author to confirm or, in some cases overturn, long-accepted attributions. Bilingual edition; the complete English translation appears at the end of the volume.
  • 2001; bilingual Polish/English; soft cover, 23 x 27 cm, 398 pp., ill.: 141; ISBN 83-88476-06-8
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Tapestries of the Wawel Royal Castle: 15th–19th Centuries
Maria Hennel-Bernasikowa
The seventy-one tapestries presented in this catalogue represent various periods (from the Gothic through Classicism to the Neobaroque), stylistic changes, and weaving centers. Although, unlike the Renaissance tapestries of Sigismund II August which are not covered in this volume, these textiles are not historically related to the castle, the holdings rank among the most significant in Poland. The author presents the collection in context, discussing its technical and artistic merits. Bilingual edition; the complete English translation appears at the end of the volume.
  • 2000; bilingual Polish/English; soft cover, 23 x 27 cm, 360 pp., ill.: 218; ISBN 83-908491-9-4
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Goldsmithwork from the former Royal and Ducal Prussias in the Collection of the Wawel Royal Castle
Andrzej Fischinger, Dariusz Nowacki
This is the first in a series of catalogues devoted to the
Wawel Royal Castle’s holdings of goldsmithwork. Although relatively modest in size, the Castle’s collection of Pomeranian silver dating from about 1500 to the end of the eighteenth century is one of the finest in Central Europe. This volume describes fifty-five objects in the museum’s collection, presented with numerous analogous silver pieces from museums all over the world as well as works known only from the market (particularly significant in the case of Gdańsk pieces). The research presented brings to light new information regarding specific workshops—such as the
identification of previously anonymous marks—and goldsmithing centers. Bilingual edition; the complete English translation appears at the end of the volume.
  • 2000; bilingual Polish/English; softcover, 23 x 27 cm, 353 pp., ill.: 136 (objects), 132 (goldsmith marks), 81 (comparative material); ISBN 83-908491-8-6