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Wawel Royal Castle - HOME

Wawel Royal Castle
State Art Collection

31-001 Kraków, Wawel 5

(+48 12) 422-51-55, 422-61-21

Tourist Information:
(+48 12) 422 51 55
ext. 219

Reservations and Guide Service:
(+48 12)
422 16 97

Press contact:
(+48 12) 422 51 55
ext. 380, 341


The Archives of Wawel Royal Castle contain documents, manuscripts and records which are divided into two groups – Institutional Archives, including current documents, and Academic Archives, including documents related to Wawel Hill, and divided into three groups:
1. Archaeology
  • field inventory 1948–1995
  • descriptive documents of archaeological research (1948-1990)
  • photo documentation of the excavations
  • graphic documentation of archaeological research (1948-1998)

2. Museum
a. Department
I – Wawel Restoration Executive Committee Archive, which comprises documents from 1855-1939, including issues relating to the reclamation of the hill from the Austrians, rebuilding under the supervision of Zygmunt Hendel and Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz, archaeological and conservation works and the first years of the museum (e.g. documents concerning benefactors, offers to purchase museum exhibits, reports from the commission for interior furnishings)
b. Department II – Museum Activity, a collection of documents related to the functioning of the institution after 1945: e.g. materials for the restitution of exhibits after World War II, return of Wawel treasures and tapestries from Canada, purchase and donations of exhibits, documentation of Wawel exhibitions and publications, including a poster collection.
c. Department III – Varia; a small collection of historic documents, including royal and tsarist signatures, documents on the 1863 uprising, the Lanckoroński family gift, e.g. Jacek Malczewski’s letters to
Karol Lanckoroński, or a collection of stamps and postcards related to Wawel.
d. Deposits – archived materials about the Prauss and Mieroszewski families.
e. Department IV – microfilms and photocopies ordered from other institutions, concerning various issues of the royal castle and museum.
f. Department V – restoration documents of movable Wawel treasures and exhibits (e.g. pictures, textiles, sculpture, china, furniture and weapons) and restoration and technical documents on Wawel Hill and Pieskowa Skała.
3. Drawings and technical plans of the hill and real estate managed by Wawel Royal Castle
a. architectural drawings illustrating the condition of the castle, the restoration process, and architectural concepts of arranging the hill (second half of the 19th c – 20th c)
b. architectural documentation: stock taking and plans
c. technical documentation of the hill infrastructure and buildings (20th c.).

The Wawel Royal Castle Archive is in building no. 8.
Open daily 9.00 – 14.00.

Zoom in - Emperor Joseph II’s Confirmation of the Validity of the title of Count granted to the Lanckoroński family.
Emperor Joseph II’s Confirmation of the Validity of the title of Count granted to the Lanckoroński family.
EMPEROR JOSEPH II’S CONFIRMATION OF THE VALIDITY OF THE TITLE OF COUNT GRANTED TO THE LANCKOROŃSKI FAMILY, 18 XI 1783. Velum document in a red velvet cover in the form of a book with the emperor’s seal, written in Latin. On page six there is a painted Zadora coat of arms. From the Lanckoroński family collection.
Zoom in - Jacek Malczewski’s letter to Karol Lanckoroński.
Jacek Malczewski’s letter to Karol Lanckoroński.

JACEK MALCZEWSKI’S LETTER TO KAROL LANCKOROŃSKI, 1889 (?). Decorated with five drawings by Malczewski, including drawings of his wife, his daughter Julia in swaddling clothes and his self-portrait standing at the easel. From the Lanckoroński family collection.

Zoom in - Karol Lanckoroński’s letter to his Mother.
Karol Lanckoroński’s letter to his Mother.

KAROL LANCKOROŃSKI’S LETTER TO HIS MOTHER, 29 January 1890. On the first page there is a watercolour presenting a sleigh in the winter landscape of Rozdół (the Lanckorońskis’ property), and below -the interior of a sleeping carriage with the figure of Karol Lanckoroński, on page four there is a blue-tit on a twig (?). From the Lanckoroński family collection.

Zoom in - Design of the eastern elevation of Wawel Royal Castle.
Design of the eastern elevation of Wawel Royal Castle.

DESIGN OF THE EASTERN ELEVATION OF WAWEL ROYAL CASTLE, design by Zygmunt Hendel from 1906, drawing by Kazimierz Wyczyński, c. 1909, including corrections by the Central Commission in Vienna and the State Committee.

Zdzisława Jakosz-Chojnacka