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Wawel Royal Castle - HOME

Wawel Royal Castle
State Art Collection

31-001 Kraków, Wawel 5

(+48 12) 422-51-55, 422-61-21

Tourist Information:
(+48 12) 422 51 55
ext. 219

Resrvations and Guide Service:
(+48 12)
422 16 97

Press contact:
(+48 12) 422 51 55
ext. 380, 341

Research Programme

Silk Banner Research Programme

The research programme for the silk banners selected for the project covers continuous monitoring of the temperature and humidity in the exhibition spaces and storerooms, measurement of the illuminance and the level of ultraviolet radiation.

The Dangers to Silk Resulting from Environmental Pollution

Natural silk is an animal-derived fibre obtained from the cocoons of the Domesticated Silkmoth or the Chinese Tussah Moth. The silk fibres are made of proteins – fibroin and sericin.