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EEA Dragon's Den


The Partner

 NILUThe Partner of the Project is NILU.
NILU (ENG: NIAR, PL: NIBP – Norwegian Institute for Air Research) has pursued an extensive number of research projects in the field of air quality and preventive conservation of cultural heritage over the last 15 years.
During the last three years NILU has been involved in two projects in the area of environmental technology and cultural heritage within the 7th Framework Programme of the EU:
  • a project called PROPAINT (, which concerned improving the protection of paintings during exhibition, storage and transit, especially with respect to the use of microclimate frames;
  • the second project is the ongoing MEMORI project (, which involves developing and introduction of a new portable handheld instrument used for measurement of indoor air quality of rooms where artefacts of cultural heritage are – or are to be – kept, as well as for the assessment of impact of pollution on movable cultural assets and for mitigation thereof.
Apart from taking part in big EU projects, NILU has been also involved in several EEA projects in the scope of cultural heritage conservation involving participation of at least one partner from the organizing country, including:
  1. Assessment of air quality for the collection in the Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Film Museum;
  2. Assessment of air quality and possible risks for the books and manuscripts in the National Library of Prague in the Clementinium building, in cooperation with the Library and the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague;
  3. Assessment of the level of risk of atmospheric corrosion in Warsaw and of the level of exposure to corrosion of the exhibits in Warsaw Railway Museum;
  4. Assessment of air quality and assessment of the risk of occurrence of conditions adverse to the collection in Nowe Sukiennice in Kraków, just after the renovation of spring 2010;
  5. Assessment of the present air quality and design of a new protective microclimate frame for the silk banners in Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków.
NILU also operates as an information centre as part of a long-term UNECE project called ICP Materials International Cooperative Programme.

NILU participates in a long-term International Cooperative Programme on the Effects of Air Pollution on Materials, including Historic and Cultural Monuments (UN/ECE ICP Materials), which involves measurements of the quality of air and assessment of impact of degradation on selected materials on an all-Europe scale and evaluating the risk of occurrence of hazards for materials and immovable cultural heritage assets.
Moreover, NILU also continuously cooperates with Norwegian partners in the scope of air quality control and heritage conservation projects. As part of this cooperation, NILU has managed to accomplished the expected objectives, which translates into benefits for local communities, as well as for the national heritage.

During the last year of cooperating with both current and new partners, NILU has proved its ability to extend the usefulness of the research methods offered so far, to perform complex analyses of results and to arrive at the results expected under partnership agreements.