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Wawel Royal Castle
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Temporary exhibitions


Acquisitions 2013

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Temporary xehibition July 15 – August 31, 2014

This year’s exhibition of acquisitions presents works that entered the collections of the Wawel Royal Castle in 2013.

The museum acquired 36 objects from private sellers, on the domestic and international antiques market, and through gifts and deposits.

The most significant works are portraits of Polish kings: a 1586 portrait of Stephen Báthory from the workshop of Marcin Kober (1) and an iconographically rare presentation of Ladislaus IV, painted in the mid-17th century after a portrait by Pieter Danckers de Rij (2).
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A completely different but no less interesting work is the portrait of Jadwiga Sapieha née Zamoyska painted by Leopold Horowit z in 1882.
The Ceramics Department acquired a 1742 Meissen dish with the arms of the Bishop of Warmia, Adam Stanisław Götzendorf-Grabowski. It is one of only 30 known pieces of the service worldwide.  
The largest group of new acquisitions are examples of goldsmith work, including an extremely rare late-Gothic cup most likely of Polish make.
The Textile Department acquired a silk kontusz sash dating from the 19th century. The sash was a central element of the Old Polish noblemen’s
national costume.

Of particular note is a miniature Order of the White Eagle dating from the reign of Stanislaus August Ponia tow ski (r. 1764–1795). It is one of only nine in Polish collections.
The Metalwork Depar tment obtained several vessels including two lovely wine coolers, one dating from the third quarter of the 17th century (3) and the other from 1720–1740, and a wash basin dated to the late 17th or early 18th century.
A unique acquisition is a revolving fl intlock sporting gun made at the magnate court of the Rzewuski family in Podhorce in the mid18th century.
A design for a ceiling painting for one of the rooms in the Wawel Castle created by Włodzimierz Tetmajer before 1923 was a gift from the heirs of the artist.
In 2013, thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Castle acquired the Sapieha Library, the very large and precious book collection amassed by the Sapieha family at Krasiczyn Castle.
A special exhibition earlier this year presented a selection from the more than 14,000 volumes in the library.